Simple Numberssm for Better Business Decisions

Get real, actionable data that will help you make better business decisions. Maximize profitability with customized and clear financial modeling for your industry through our consulting services.

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Gathering of Games Dallas, TX

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How We Can Help

Once you have the data you need, we can help you create a plan of action. These are the services we offer to help you make best use of the Simple Numbers Tool:

  • An initial strategic planning session
  • Ongoing consulting services
  • Tax management and compliance services
  • Bookkeeping

Our Clients Are Saying

I have a much better understanding and control over my cash flow, cost control, and most importantly, profit.

— Eddy Wong, CEO of GG Group

Our business has grown and having their vast knowledge of small business and planning has helped with our planning for that growth. They are always available to answer any questions that we have and their willingness to partner with us on all levels has been a tremendous value to our company.

— Donna Lanier, CEO

We are benefiting many ways. One of the most important things is the core capital concept. Having 3 business partners we never really knew when we could pay ourselves for the risk we had taken. Core capital gave us a goal that we could all focus on and most of all agree and understand.

— Chad Berg, President of US Tower Service

I am far from being a finance guru but this was hands down the most eye-opening experience I have had during my entrepreneurial journey.    From the day I picked up the phone until now it has simply been a great experience and I will not hesitate to recommend your team to every entrepreneur I know.

— Iannique Renaud, CEO of Renaud Lifestyle Products

Since we began working with Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, we have built a solid financial structure at our company.  We’ve been diligent and had better self-control and conservative approach to building a solid financial foundation.  We also are looking at the right financial levers and when we focus on the right things, it’s hard not to improve. When I have Greg’s stamp of approval, I know I can rest knowing that our finances are in good order.

— Craig Johnson, President of Matchstic

Crabtree, Rowe & Berger has transformed Kinesis in ways I could never have imagined. Before CRB, our company was in debt, lacked cash reserves, and operated well-below its potential. As an owner, I struggled to know what levers to pull and how to make finance an integral strategic tool.

— Shawn Busse CEO of Kinesis Marketing

Hearing Greg speak and talking to him about our situation revised my view on the financial management of our company completely.  From fixing compensation, to tax strategy, to our view of debt, and understanding labor productivity, Greg was instrumental in getting our financial house in order.

— Jude Olinger CEO of the Olinger Group