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Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!


Simple Numbers 2.0: Rules for Smart Scaling

Take your business to the next level by identifying the opportunities in your Simple Numbers.
Looking for an investment opportunity with the capacity for long term high yields? Put your business to work for you! Greg Crabtree demystifies common accounting and reveals the growth potential going unnoticed in your balance sheets. Learn how to make decisions based on data you already have to guide your business to be its best, most profitable self. *Update* Please note that this book will be ready to ship 11/18

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Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!

Take the mystery out of small business finance with this no-frills guide to understanding the numbers that will guide your business out of any financial black hole. Author Greg Crabtree, a successful accountant, small business advisor, and popular presenter, shows you how to use your firm’s key financial indicators as a basis for smart business decisions as you grow your firm from start-up to $5 million (and more!) in annual revenue. You’ll learn:

  • Why your numbers are lying to you (and why you are the cause!)
  • How labor productivity is the key to profitability and simplifying human resource decisions
  • Why the amount of tax you pay is your number-one key performance indicator

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Simple Numbers Book Bundle

Our discounted package deal will include both books from Simple Numbers! Please note that the bundle will ship after 11/3.

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