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The Simple Numbers You "Need" from the Data You Already Have

The Simple Numbers Profit Tool is an application that organizes your data from your accounting software to show you the most relevant, actionable data that will assist you in making key business decisions.

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How It Works

Get an accurate picture of your business without wrestling through financial statements and reports with line after line of data. By simply plugging into your Quickbooks file and extracting the key data, you’re instantly provided with the eight key numbers that you need to know in order to do your job effectively and efficiently without the hassle.

The 8 Key Numbers

The Simple Numbers Profit Tool keeps business owners immediately aware of these eight key focus areas for growing your business:

  1. Rolling 12 Profitability as a percentage of sales
  2. Rolling 12 Revenue
  3. Gross Margin
  4. Operating Expenses as a percentage of sales
  5. Direct Labor Efficiency
  6. Management Labor Efficiency
  7. Core Capital
  8. Salary Cap

Business Targets for Your Industry

We provide a page that allows you to customize the targets that you and your management team have set for your business — it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in! The tool allows you to set a low and high range for your:

  • Profitability
  • Revenue
  • Gross Margin
  • And more

Once you’ve set your targets, the Simple Numbers Profit Tool can alert you if you aren’t meeting your goals.

Digging Into the Data

We are keenly aware that just viewing the key numbers is sometimes not enough – trends have to be identified and numbers often have to be examined more closely. To help you understand “how you got to that point” with the key numbers, the Simple Numbers Tool provides additional key data in the following formats on a monthly, rolling 12, rolling 6, and rolling 3 basis:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement


Simple Numbers Profit Tool:
$49.95/month or $495.00/year

Mapping Service (optional)
Have Simple Numbers Professionals map your accounts and simplify your experience.
$399 one-time fee

Mapping Service and Consultation (optional)
Get the Mapping Service along with an addition 1 ½ hour remote consultation with a Simple Numbers Professional.
$650 one-time fee

Get the Simple Numbers you need from the data you already have with the user-friendly Simple Numbers Profit Tool.

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