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“You can keep the cow healthy and milk it every day, or you can have one big barbeque dinner.”

“Profit is like oxygen – your business can’t hold its breath very long without it.”

“The teams that win are the teams that get the most productivity for every dollar of labor.”

“Cash is the most powerful opportunity magnet ever created.”

“Salary is like a gas; it expands into the chamber of life and you consume it, for the most part, so you adaptĀ  based on whatever salary is available to you.”

“Contrary to popular opinion, throwing money at a problem doesn’t change the outcome.”

On sweat equity: “There’s something so American and entrepreneurial about rubbing two dollar bills together to make a profit.”

“A profitable cash flow-generating business is the best of both worlds; it is valuable to you whether you keep it or sell it.”

“A budget is a license to spend; a forecast is your road map to profitability.”

“Hope is not a strategy.”