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Can I keep all of my team members?

How long will my current cash reserves last?

If I get a PPP or EID Loan how can I strategically use the cash?

Our Crisis Management Strategy session can provide clarity and a financial path to get thru the current crisis.

In conjunction with Greg Crabtree’s Crisis Management Presentations , our Simple NumbersĀ® Consulting team has developed an efficient, cost effective strategy session focused on helping businesses create a cash flow plan for the next 90 to 180 days. During this session we will:

  • Re-construct current financial data into our Simple NumbersĀ® format (done prior to session with client data provided)
  • Discuss any data distortions and normalization
  • Calculate cash flow loss vs. profit loss from disruption
  • Review Simple Numbers KPIs i.e. Trade Capital, Infrastructure Capital, & Buffer Capital
  • Populate crisis model spreadsheet, analyze results and craft prescription.

Simple Numbers Crisis Model
90-180 day cash flow prescription

Cost: $1,250
*Offer ends 6/1/20

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