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Three steps to maximize labor productivity

You’ve been told “hire smart,” but what does that really mean? Could you be paying your employees too much or too little for the work they actually perform? Find out how tracking your Labor Efficiency Ratio – or LER – can boost profits in your business. Learn how to correctly measure labor, find patterns, and… Full Story »

The 4 Forces of Cash Flow – How to Not Stress Out Your Cash Cow

Every business owner wants their business to be a cash cow. If the udder of your business is running dry, you might just have your cash flow priorities backwards. Read the full article here.

When Saving Taxes for a Small Business Is Just Plain Dumb!

The old saying “nothing in life is free” is true when it comes to taxes. For every deduction or credit, you give up something. If your goal is to build wealth, an overzealous desire to not pay taxes will get in your way. The size of the check you write to the IRS is the… Full Story »