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Big 3 for ObamaCare

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – nicknamed ObamaCare – bring many changes and 20 new taxes that will affect tax years 2012 and 2013. Here are a few major points that entrepreneurs will want to pay attention to: The Top 3 Things to Plan for in ObamaCare 2012 W-2 reporting of health benefits… Full Story »

2013 Theme – Succeed Anyway!

2013 has arrived, and we have another last minute bill from Congress that continues to avoid the real issue: you cannot spend more than you make.  For the entrepreneurs I advise, my message is pretty simple: “Succeed Anyway!” Labor productivity is still the key to your profitability, and this will be the year you will… Full Story »

The Best Team Money Can Buy

Many of the same principles that govern a champion football team apply to businesses as well. Though you may have only heard the term “salary cap” in reference to the NFL, the practice has taught managers and owners an invaluable business skill – focusing on labor efficiency. Managed properly, labor efficiency can drive up profits… Full Story »

Why Your P&L Is Lying to You… and You Caused it!

It’s time to stop playing games with your numbers. How will you ever know how healthy your business really is if your Profit and Loss statement doesn’t reflect reality? A P&L statement is a valuable tool for measuring your growth, but not if it’s skewed to make tax preparation “easier.” If your P&L doesn’t correctly… Full Story »

The 4 Keys to Sustaining Growth in a Shrinking Market

Don’t let a sour economy ruin your plans for success! As America and the world at large slog their way through an economic swamp, how can you keep your business from getting mired down? Greg offers 4 keys to keep above the quicksand and crocs, and maybe even squeeze a little profit out of it.… Full Story »

Fund Your Business Before You Stuff Retirement Accounts

Which benefits you more in the long term – contributions to your 401(k) or working capital for your business? Certain kinds of retirement accounts can be just as volatile as playing the stock market. Find out how achieving a fully capitalized business may be your best bet for a stable retirement. Read the full article… Full Story »

The Psychology of Taxes on Entrepreneurs

Taxes have a way of turning entrepreneurs into one of three stereotypes – only one of which is good for the economy. With small business owners in a critical position for igniting the country’s flagging cash flow, U.S. policymakers should be forming tax laws that reward good business practices instead of scaring entrepreneurs into lying… Full Story »

How to Draft a Winning Game Plan for Your Home-Based Business

Want to be your own boss? Then it’s time to think like one! Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding common home-business pitfalls – including finding profit in your passion, thinking like a CEO, when write-offs are smart and when they aren’t, and what the best organizational structure is for your home business. Read… Full Story »

The 6 keys to building wealth

It’s extremely rare that wealth is something that happens to you accidentally. Real, repeatable success requires planning and serious dedication to making hard decisions when they need to be made – not after your ship has already sailed. Greg gives 6 keys for getting the most out of your business for long-term profitability. Read the… Full Story »

Save Cash Instead of Saving Taxes This Year

Sometimes the most common advice is blindingly wrong: how often have you been told to purchase equipment you don’t need so that you can deduct it on your taxes? If you have to borrow money to pay for it, you are not “saving” anything – you’re spending a dollar to save forty cents. Learn why… Full Story »