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Big 3 for ObamaCare

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – nicknamed ObamaCare – bring many changes and 20 new taxes that will affect tax years 2012 and 2013. Here are a few major points that entrepreneurs will want to pay attention to: The Top 3 Things to Plan for in ObamaCare 2012 W-2 reporting of health benefits… Full Story »

The Psychology of Taxes on Entrepreneurs

Taxes have a way of turning entrepreneurs into one of three stereotypes – only one of which is good for the economy. With small business owners in a critical position for igniting the country’s flagging cash flow, U.S. policymakers should be forming tax laws that reward good business practices instead of scaring entrepreneurs into lying… Full Story »

Save Cash Instead of Saving Taxes This Year

Sometimes the most common advice is blindingly wrong: how often have you been told to purchase equipment you don’t need so that you can deduct it on your taxes? If you have to borrow money to pay for it, you are not “saving” anything – you’re spending a dollar to save forty cents. Learn why… Full Story »

When Saving Taxes for a Small Business Is Just Plain Dumb!

The old saying “nothing in life is free” is true when it comes to taxes. For every deduction or credit, you give up something. If your goal is to build wealth, an overzealous desire to not pay taxes will get in your way. The size of the check you write to the IRS is the… Full Story »