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Gross Profit per Labor Dollar: The Key to Higher Profits

Labor productivity is what powers great businesses. It is essential to understand that you must manage the delicate balance of the right labor at the right time at the right price to maximize your profits.

Using Bonus Plans in Your Business

Written by: Brandon Gray, MBA – Crabtree, Rowe and Berger Consulting Team Lead Many people have a misconception of entrepreneurs.  They can sometimes be viewed as greedy, money hungry, and only looking out for number one.  I have been fortunate to work with entrepreneurs for the past 14 years and have found this view to… Full Story »

The Best Team Money Can Buy

Many of the same principles that govern a champion football team apply to businesses as well. Though you may have only heard the term “salary cap” in reference to the NFL, the practice has taught managers and owners an invaluable business skill – focusing on labor efficiency. Managed properly, labor efficiency can drive up profits… Full Story »

Three steps to maximize labor productivity

You’ve been told “hire smart,” but what does that really mean? Could you be paying your employees too much or too little for the work they actually perform? Find out how tracking your Labor Efficiency Ratio – or LER – can boost profits in your business. Learn how to correctly measure labor, find patterns, and… Full Story »