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2013 Theme – Succeed Anyway!

2013 has arrived, and we have another last minute bill from Congress that continues to avoid the real issue: you cannot spend more than you make.  For the entrepreneurs I advise, my message is pretty simple: “Succeed Anyway!” Labor productivity is still the key to your profitability, and this will be the year you will… Full Story »

The 4 Keys to Sustaining Growth in a Shrinking Market

Don’t let a sour economy ruin your plans for success! As America and the world at large slog their way through an economic swamp, how can you keep your business from getting mired down? Greg offers 4 keys to keep above the quicksand and crocs, and maybe even squeeze a little profit out of it.… Full Story »

Fund Your Business Before You Stuff Retirement Accounts

Which benefits you more in the long term – contributions to your 401(k) or working capital for your business? Certain kinds of retirement accounts can be just as volatile as playing the stock market. Find out how achieving a fully capitalized business may be your best bet for a stable retirement. Read the full article… Full Story »

Three steps to maximize labor productivity

You’ve been told “hire smart,” but what does that really mean? Could you be paying your employees too much or too little for the work they actually perform? Find out how tracking your Labor Efficiency Ratio – or LER – can boost profits in your business. Learn how to correctly measure labor, find patterns, and… Full Story »

The 4 Forces of Cash Flow – How to Not Stress Out Your Cash Cow

Every business owner wants their business to be a cash cow. If the udder of your business is running dry, you might just have your cash flow priorities backwards. Read the full article here.