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The Seven Simple Numbers for Business Success

**Update: The Simple Numbers Profit Tool is no longer available** Please visit our services page for client offerings.

A series about the numbers that really matter to sustainable, profitable businesses.

A majority of financial dashboards are packed to the brim with pretty colors, gauges, and charts. You’ll find a spectacle of numerals and formulas, but what do they all mean? How many people really need a complex dashboard that looks like a jet cockpit? In my experience, less than 5% of entrepreneurs need or want something that complicated. Most of that data is overkill.

There are Seven Key Numbers every entrepreneur should monitor, and they’re featured on the Overview page of our Simple Numbers Profit Tool. Our tool seamlessly pulls actionable data out of QuickBooks and allows you to easily track and monitor these key numbers by customizing green, yellow and red levels for each one:

  1. Profitability
  2. Revenue
  3. Gross Margin
  4. Operating Expenses
  5. Direct Labor Efficiency Ratio “LER”
  6. Management LER
  7. Core Capital Target

Simple Numbers Tool Overview Page

In this series we’ll talk about each of the Seven Key Numbers and why they’re incredibly important to your business’s success. Based on the principles in Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!, these insights will show you how to use the Simple Numbers Profit Tool to run a profitable, sustainable business.

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Look for the next post in the series, “Profitability: It Won’t Happen Unless You Aim for It.”

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