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Fund Your Business Before You Stuff Retirement Accounts

Which benefits you more in the long term – contributions to your 401(k) or working capital for your business? Certain kinds of retirement accounts can be just as volatile as playing the stock market. Find out how achieving a fully capitalized business may be your best bet for a stable retirement. Read the full article… Full Story »

The Psychology of Taxes on Entrepreneurs

Taxes have a way of turning entrepreneurs into one of three stereotypes – only one of which is good for the economy. With small business owners in a critical position for igniting the country’s flagging cash flow, U.S. policymakers should be forming tax laws that reward good business practices instead of scaring entrepreneurs into lying… Full Story »

How to Draft a Winning Game Plan for Your Home-Based Business

Want to be your own boss? Then it’s time to think like one! Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding common home-business pitfalls – including finding profit in your passion, thinking like a CEO, when write-offs are smart and when they aren’t, and what the best organizational structure is for your home business. Read… Full Story »