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The 6 keys to building wealth

It’s extremely rare that wealth is something that happens to you accidentally. Real, repeatable success requires planning and serious dedication to making hard decisions when they need to be made – not after your ship has already sailed. Greg gives 6 keys for getting the most out of your business for long-term profitability. Read the… Full Story »

Save Cash Instead of Saving Taxes This Year

Sometimes the most common advice is blindingly wrong: how often have you been told to purchase equipment you don’t need so that you can deduct it on your taxes? If you have to borrow money to pay for it, you are not “saving” anything – you’re spending a dollar to save forty cents. Learn why… Full Story »

Three steps to maximize labor productivity

You’ve been told “hire smart,” but what does that really mean? Could you be paying your employees too much or too little for the work they actually perform? Find out how tracking your Labor Efficiency Ratio – or LER – can boost profits in your business. Learn how to correctly measure labor, find patterns, and… Full Story »